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Write My College Essay for Me

Can you “Write My College Essay for Me”


What if I told you that we can “write my college essay for free”.

That is so true and enticing.

But are free things good? Yes and No. Free things can only be good if they are of a high quality.

Now that you are here, you could be asking yourself “Who shall write my college essay for me”?

This website is your top choice if you need the most trusted college essay writing service.

Writing a college essay can be a daunting task when you have other assignments and university obligations to attend to.


Who shall write my college essay for me?

Write My Dissertation.Com shall.

You don’t have to struggle alone. There are many ways of killing a rat.

You can poison the rat, use a trap, use a cat or mechanically search for it and trample it underfoot.

The choice of your method depends on the availability of resources, your personality and amount of courage.

The same applies to essays.

When your professor asks you to write a high-quality university essay, you may decide to write it yourself, discuss it with your friends, get online help writing the essay or fail to do it, and drop out of school.

The choice is yours to make.


There is no shortcut. If you are going to pass your exams, you must learn how to write an essay.

You must put as much effort as the grade of essay you want to get. If you want grade A essays, then you must input grade A resources and dedication. However, all is not lost. You may as well write to us a small email and say, “I need help writing my college essay.”


Advantages of getting essay writing help

  • It boosts your grades
  • Gives you spare time to do other assignments
  • You get a feel of professional quality essays
  • Expert writers handle your work for you and mentor you
  • You get free essay tutoring and writing service
  • Save time and money from affordable writing services
  • Get original high-quality essays
  • Sleep as a baby while professionals work on your paper
  • You can get large amounts of work delivered in short deadlines
  • And lastly, you shall pass.


In order for an essay to earn the highest marks, it must be interesting, captivating and of high quality.


How can I make my college essay more interesting?

Hello Write My Dissertation, “How should I write my college essay in a way that will be interesting?”. We get such questions on a daily basis. If you want to write your college essay in a way that will interest the professor or university instructor, then you should keep on reading. We provide useful essay writing and editing tips that will save your ass. Here are a few tips for you:

1.      Choose a nice essay topic

Sometimes, your lecturer gives you the opportunity of choosing an essay topic. Grab the opportunity and choose something that you love. There is nothing as hard as writing about something you hate. Writing about a passionate topic helps you to pour your heart into the writing process. The end result is an interesting and finger-licking essay which can get top position in an essay contest.

What if the teacher chooses a topic for me?

If your instructor chooses an essay topic for you, you can as well write. Did you know that working on something new opens up your mind? When your teacher gives you a new topic which you know nothing about, the internet should be your starting point. In case you find it too difficult to handle, contact our tutors and we shall write your dissertation.

But are you guys near me? Can I get an essay writing service near me?

Yes. Write My Dissertation is a paper writing service near you. It is among the websites that write essays for free. We handpick the best writers from various parts of the world. We are most likely to assign your essay to a freelance writer who studied and graduated from your college.

2.      Write an outline

Don’t just start to write haphazardly. You need to get organized. The best way of getting organized is to list the main arguments in your essay. You can write them down on paper or just type them into your computer.  Typing is the best way since it will enhance your essay completion rate. Writing an essay outline helps you to become more organized. It also helps you to prevent procrastination.


3.      Make use of the internet

Search the internet. Nowadays, the internet is full of anything imaginable. You can type into Google Search the keywords of your essay.

For example, if your essay is about “How to get good grades at school”, you can type everything in Google. Once you get the search engine results, click on any of the results and get insights from other people. Reading what other people have written about a subject matter is the surest way of gathering facts that are needed in presenting your points.

If your research topic or essay topic is too wide, you can cut it down into small chunks and follow the same internet research method.

Click on and read the pages that come up while making short points when you get main arguments that are worth mentioning in your paper. You may as well read the content without writing down anything. Time invested in reading is not time wasted.


4.      Start writing

When you have all the main arguments, start explaining each point in prose form. Do not wait to get the best English language to use in your essay. Do not look for pompous and difficult vocabulary. Just write as you would talk to me or your best friend. Do not stop to edit anything. Write as if you are in a hurry. You shall do the editing later. In case you find it difficult to start the writing process, tell us “please write my college essay for me.” Otherwise, you can do it on your own. Insert all the funny anecdotes or the funniest stories or quotes you have ever heard if the essay topic allows you to. Remember to stick to the word length, otherwise, you may find yourself writing too much and surpassing the word limit.


5.      Leave your essay to cool down

It is easy to start correcting mistakes in your essay after you finish writing it. However, researchers have found out that leaving any written content to rest is the best option. It gives you time to refresh and come back with a clean pair of eyes, peeled to identify the slightest mistakes in writing. Taking a break also gives you a fresh perspective with which to fine-tune your essay and make it awesome.


6.      Be sure to follow all instructions

One thing that makes students fail in their essays is following their instructions instead of following the teacher’s instructions. Be sure to read all instructions so that you know what is expected of you. Read the topic of the essay, the word length, and the tone required, the number of pages, the number of references, the citation styles, the submission deadline, the number of arguments needed and any specifications laid down by the professor. If the professor needs your personal opinion, give it. If the essay needs a professional opinion, be sure to give the arguments presented by other researchers. If the lecturer tells you to support your arguments with real-life examples, you should do the same. In short, stick to the instructions and make your essay as interesting as possible.


7.      Use college-level vocabulary

Do not write as if you are writing for a toddler. At the same time, do not struggle to look for words that only rocket scientists and PhD medical practitioners understand. Write for your level of education so that your classmate can understand what you are talking about without looking for a dictionary. If you do not understand difficult words, avoid them. Essays that are hard to understand get lowest marks. Bad essays cannot help you pass.


8.      Write concisely

Do not use long sentences when you can shorten them into a few words. Try to write in a few words. Writing concisely shows the full mastery of language and academic prowess.  Toy around with simple, compound and complex sentences if they add value to your write-up.


9.      Edit and proofread your essay

Read your essay aloud or let somebody read it out to you. You shall start realizing the grammatical mistakes, typos and wrong sentence patterns. Correct your essay ruthlessly and award yourself marks. If you cannot give yourself grade A, nobody will.

Letting somebody read your essay will help you determine how your examiner will read your words. It will also help you know the tone of your writing. The reader may also help you identify mistakes in your essay and help you to iron out the contentious issues. Once you finish editing your essay, you are ready to turn it in and expect the highest grades. It is better for you to make use of an editor or somebody with essay writing experience. You may also get essay editing and proofreading help from Write My Dissertation.


Why Get Expert Help Writing Your College Essay?

Everybody needs help at some point in life. One such a time is when required to write an essay when busy or a difficult essay that you know nothing about.

It is prudent to get help from your teacher, personal tutor, elder sibling, parents or a trusted essay writer. If I were you, I would choose a professional writer because the writer can write in any format, level of education, subject, and citation style and under strict deadlines.


How to get online essay writing assistance

To get essay writing help is simple. If you write on Google “help me write my college essay”, you’ll find millions of results. This will confuse you more than it will help you. In this section, we let you know how to select an essay writing company.

  1. Read customer reviews. I am not talking about reviews on the writing websites. I am talking of independent reviews posted on social media and other review companies. The high-quality essay writers are known by the products they deliver.
  2. Check the website layout. Some websites can scare you at the first glance. A poorly organized website implies poor organization. Looks don’t lie. What can you make of an essay writing website with a typo on the homepage?
  3. Ask for free essay samples. Best writers have many samples to showcase their work. Samples don’t lie. What you see is what you get. If you like our essay topic samples, order essay online.
  4. Check the prices. Don’t go for the cheapest essay writing firms. Don’t go for the most expensive websites either. Go for quality services at optimal and affordable prices when you buy college essays.


Write my college essay for me

Here are more factors to consider:

  1. Look for the padlock sign. How are you going to make online payments to vulnerable websites? Be sure to purchase essays from encrypted websites. You can check this at the top of your browser. A company which does not care about your safety cannot care for the kind of quality of paper they deliver.
  2. Are they original? Be sure to get original essays. By original, we mean “written from scratch”. Nowadays, it is easy to get pre-written essays, research papers, term papers, dissertations, assignments, case studies and articles. Such papers cannot give you the best mark because they are already plagiarized. You need a plagiarism-free essay. Our writers write original essays.
  3. Ask for writers’ qualifications. A high school dropout may not produce a premium essay for you. An undergraduate may also find difficulties writing masters or PhD level essay. Getting a qualified writer brings you one step closer to success.
  4. Know the citation style needed. Some companies specialize in APA citation styles only. What if you need an MLA, Harvard, Chicago, Turabian, Oxford, Vancouver, etc.? You will have to get a writer who knows all writing styles! That is where we come in handy.
  5. Look for experience. Experience is the best teacher in the world of writing. A researcher who has written five million words cannot be compared to a starter. Be sure to get the most experienced essay writers. You won’t go wrong with our writing service.
  6. Can they cope with your urgency? You need the essay in three hours, six hours, 24 hours and they want to deliver it in one month. You need a reliable writer who is flexible enough to help you when in need.

Now you are ready to write your essay or have your essay written by an expert.

Describe your essay well if you need help. Write it properly if you want the best grades. Otherwise, it is time for some cookies; have a great essay writing session.


“Write College Essay for Me”

You are now ready to pay us to write your essay for you.

Expect the best essay from Write My Dissertation.com


Write College Essay For Me

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