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Types of SEO Copywriting Services for Businesses

There are many types of copywriting services.

What is copywriting Service?

Copywriting services are the heartbeat of success in business.

Copywriting is the art and science of writing highly informative and persuasive content through the print media or online media with the aim of urging the audience to take action.

The action may in the form of buying, calling, joining an email list, like your page, signing up for specific newsletters or other communicative actions.

The product of copywriting is normally called copy.

Examples of Common Copywriting Services

Here are some of the products of copywriting: taglines, print copy, press releases, articles, speeches, blogs, e-books, CVs, resumes, cover letters, sales pages, postcards, catalogues, billboards, brochures, web page content, SEO copy, lyrics, emails, television and radio scripts, email copy and other marketing stuff.

Aim of copywriting

The main aim of copywriting is to get the reader want to take the specific action for which copy was written.

Although much of copywriting aims to increase brand exposure, copywriting services are not all about marketing and advertising only.

Copywriting services also include such services such as interviews, editing, proofreading, project management, research, data analysis, market research, creation and implementation of campaigns.

The Essence of Copywriting

Professional copywriters do not flood the reader with impractical fluff; they communicate effectively using the fewest words possible.

The greatest need of copywriting is the need of succinct, effective and precise copy.

The best copywriting service must give the reader valuable information that satisfies their curiosity.

Instead of wanting the reader to take action first, the effective copy must first deliver value; the reader will automatically take action.

For an agency to provide the best online copywriting service, it should whet the audience’s appetite making them want to buy your products.

Copywriting does not put any pressure on the customer; instead, its operation principle is the exact opposite.

In copywriting, the copywriter writes that copy talks and sells.


All copywriting services depend on the ability of the copywriter to present data or information properly.

Copywriting, just like any science or art has principles which must be followed in order to deliver effective results.

The top copywriting services for websites should be your first stop when looking for copywriting agencies in your region.

How can I select the best copywriting service?

To select a copywriting agency, you should know what to look for. There are many companies which purportedly offer copywriting services but end up delivering flannel.

While some are legit copywriting websites, others may scam you or give you plagiarized stuff.

So, what should you consider before choosing your copywriter?

First of all, read their website’s copy and check whether it resonates with what you can call good copy.

The copywriter’s website

Secondly, check the design of their website. Be sure to find out if it is effective. Is the type of writing great? Can it persuade you to take action without being too forceful or desperate?

Thirdly, check the type of language the copywriting firm uses. Do they use such simple words such as “please buy my stuff” or stronger action words like “Buy now, save time and money” or “Get value for your money?”

SEO Copywriting Headlines

What type of headlines does the copywriting agency use?

Is it something that can provoke you to take action?

Headlines are important aspects of copywriting.

For instance, companies dealing in selling email marketing software as services may write this headline:

Buy this email marketing tool

Get 1000 email subscribers daily with this shocking tool

Without further thinking, a prospective customer can easily click on the second headline because it states what the software achieves.

The second headline gives the customer value. It makes the reader want to read the rest of the copy to find out how the product can help in getting 1000 subscribers daily.

It is important to note that in both cases, the customer has not yet bought the software.

However, the second headline promises more value and triggers emotions by using the word “shocking”. Although it does not mention email marketing, the customer can easily deduce that the tool can get email subscribers.

In the second case, the copywriter has given the customer more value.

Titles are the most important components of copy. They make or break copy.

Whether you are writing the title of a web page, a sales page or an ebook, remember that readers click on your product based on headlines.

Unless you don’t want people to click on your content, you need the best copywriter to create highly engaging copy for your brand.

Great content without a great headline is worthless; it will not be read anyway.

Without a compelling headline, nobody will click on your copy.

All top copywriting service provides click bait that delivers an eagerness to try a product.

The copywriter may also give freebies as samples of the main product.

As a rule of thumb, for you to excel as an expert copywriter, you must grasp the concept of research writing, critical thinking, formatting, headline and content tweaking.

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Write My Dissertation.Com custom writing is among the leading copywriting agencies in the world.

Write My Dissertation delivers the exact type of content that you are thinking about in your mind.

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If you are looking for content that your audience would like to read with interest, you are at the right place.

It does not matter what type of copywriting services you need; we are the most trusted copywriting company.

All written content should be written by highly skilled copywriters or else, it will make no sense.

Website owners need copywriters just as bloggers and content managers need SEO copywriting services.

For all webmasters and website owners that want their websites to rank, it is important to consult our competent copywriters.

For small businesses to attract visitors and turn them into customers, they need skilled copywriters.

Here are more reasons why you should hire your copywriters from Write My Dissertation.com:

Our Copywriters

Our copywriters are professional. In simple terms, they know what they are doing.

In more complex words, they can be termed as a professional bunch of experts that offer remarkable copywriting services to clients from all over the world.

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Many of them have been ranked best according to copywriting service reviews from our clients.



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We are ready to help your business grow.

You are the reason for our excellence.

With our experienced staff, we stop at nothing less than delivering and exceeding your demands.


If you do your research on the cost of copywriting services, soon you will realize that copywriting service is not cheap.

In order to balance between cheapest copywriting services and quality copywriting services, we strike a balance by optimizing our products.

We can comfortably say that we deliver affordable copywriting services within your budget.

Our main aim is to help you grow your business by giving you services you can afford.

While at it, we don’t compromise quality. We have to pay the researchers, copywriters, and editors.

Although in most cases the copywriter can assume all roles, we have a complex process of delivering quality services.

In order to understand the actual price of copywriting services, you must look at copywriting as an asset and not a liability.

While cheap copywriting services may seem alluring, if such services do not lead to sales, they are null and void, and a waste of money.

In order to bridge the gap between quality and price, we charge standard copywriting rates. We are as far as the east is from the west from content mills.

Support and assistance

You need constant support in order to make the right business decisions.

Apart from delivering the excellent copy, we assist our clients in setting up content on their websites, repurposing content and updating any content as needed.

We assist in setting up websites for best SEO practices, university copywriting, image optimization, web copywriting, proper content design and content strategy.

Best copywriting service reviews

Online and offline reviews are important in determining the quality of a product.

Write My Dissertation copywriting service has many client testimonials.

Nothing encourages a copywriter as a genuine review from a satisfied customer.

At Write My Dissertation, we post verbatim reviews as received from the clients. No editing, no bullshit.

Some customers have gone as far as creating videos about our services, while others simply submit copywriting reviews with or without their photos.

For you to verify the legitimacy of the reviews, you can contact the reviewers by visiting their websites or by using their contact details.

We are always thankful to our customers for trusting our services and for all manner of positive criticism as it helps us enhance the quality of our services.

Many of our reviews feature our copywriting prices. Many of our clients have realized that we charge standard copywriting prices while delivering the premium copy.

Types of Copywriting Services at Write My Dissertation.com

Here are some of the copywriting services that we provide:

  • Sales copywriting services
  • College copywriting service
  • Professional copywriting service
  • SEO copywriting services
  • Website copywriting services

SEO Copywriting Services

In the contemporary online market, it is important for copywriters to incorporate SEO in their copy.

SEO copywriting service is the creation of copy that is friendly to search engines and readers.

First things first, readability is key

All copy should be written for readability.

Remember only human beings purchase products, not search engines!

Although SEO copywriting helps in ranking, it should not be overemphasized at the expense of the reader.

No keyword stuffing

Nowadays, people are hardwired to detect keyword stuffing as much as Google algorithms.

There is no need to wade into the murky waters of keyword stuffing.

That said; let’s explore some of the best ways of doing SEO copywriting without violating Google’s policy.

Proper use of keywords

SEO copywriting involves the proper use of keyword phrases that the target audience uses in searching the internet.

It has everything to do with the reader and nothing to do with the owner.

You should, first of all, serve the interests of your audience in order to reap the benefits.

As a rule of thumb, ensure that you enter the customer’s mind and type into your copy the exact word phrases that the customers type into the Google search box.

If your website has highly optimized, useful content, Google may reward you by ranking your website higher when rendering search engine results.

The use of single keywords, keyword phrases or long tail keywords should not make it difficult for the reader to read the content.

Advantages of SEO copywriting

The main advantage of SEO copywriting is the traffic it generates to your website.

Once a website is properly optimized for specific keywords, it ranks high in search engines making it easier for many people to visit it.

More visitors translate to more profits for the business.

Paid advertising versus SEO copywriting

Instead of investing in paid advertisements, it is more prudent for businesses to invest in professional SEO copywriting services.

Although advertising brings immediate results, it is perpetually expensive.

SEO copywriting should also aim to provide information that is user-friendly and search engine friendly; something that users can crave for.

Content type

It is not cool to write long full-length content which users hate.

All copywriters know how to hook the readers by generating content that Google and users love.

Great content is directly proportional to profits.

In order to sell and build your brand as a market authority, you must embrace copywriters.

How to impress readers with SEO copywriting

To get search engine-optimized content that readers love, you can follow these tips:


Target a specific audience

The first step is to target a specific segment of your audience. Not all people are interested in what you have to offer. Therefore, be prudent and hand-pick your audience.  It will not make any economic sense promoting your content to people who are not interested.

Create catchy headlines

In order to grow your customer base, create catchy headlines specifically tailored to your audience. Irresistible headlines sell.

If you cannot create the headlines, an online copywriting service like Write My Dissertation can easily help you at a fee.

Your headline must have the right keywords to make SEO sense; otherwise, it may not rank well in search engines.

Use subheadings to kill boredom

A nice subheading goes an extra mile in making your content more attractive, readable and friendlier to Google bots.

Did you know that subheadings are among the important Google ranking factors? The use of H2, H3, H4 tags in subheadings may add value as well.

Write consistently

Consistent writing is a prerequisite for higher rankings.

Although many companies know that content is king, they do not have time to do the writing. This is where copywriters come in handy.

Online copywriting services provide ranking tricks and copy that tells and sells your brand to your clients.

Write long form content

Long form content converts and sells better than short form content.

However, longer articles, blog posts, etc. should have shorter paragraphs to enhance readability.

The work of the copywriter is to grab the attention of a reader from the beginning to the end.

This is achieved by writing short sentences.

Another way of delivering value to customers is by answering their questions.

When you answer all questions in your customers’ minds, you increase your brand credibility as an authority.

Update your content, gain customers’ trust

Customers will trust you when you update content regularly.

When you address the issues facing your customers directly, your content gains more energy.

In pointed writing, the copywriter knows how to use the words which readers want and not what the business owners want to hear.

In order to keep your content fresh and relevant to your customers, you must update it regularly.

Nothing stinks like stale content. It scares away prospects.

Fresh content puts you ahead of your competitors and puts you aside as the leader in your niche.

Link to credible sources

You must link to credible and quality sources.

We all know that “Iron Sharpens Iron” and “Birds of the same feathers flock together”.

Get external links to your SEO content

That is how the Google algorithm works.

External links show Google that you have done research and you already know credible sources of information in your niche.

SEO copywriters help you in creating natural links, full of quality anchor texts, to other trusted blogs and websites.

Links from other websites act as votes. External links to your blog are called backlinks.

The more quality backlinks you have, the better.

Google has noted that backlinks are important for your website to rank higher in search engine results pages.

Link to other content on your website

Internal links are great too:

Internal links help Google to crawl your website and pass link juice from one page to another. Internal links also help readers to find more information by providing easier navigation.

Proofread your SEO copy

Proofreading your copy is an important aspect of SEO copywriting. Nobody loves spelling, grammatical, lexical and punctuation mistakes.

Do it right and your SEO copy shall sell.

Did you know that social media signals are ranking factors?

Go social

Sharing your content over social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. increases social engagements and ranks your content higher.

Social media sharing also gets your content in front of many eyeballs including the eyeballs of your customers.

Sharing not only brings more traffic; it also distributes your content to many readers who become your customers.

Other Copywriting services

You may also wish to order other copywriting services Write My Dissertation offers:

Web copywriting services

Academic copywriting services

Article writing services

Order quality Copywriting Services

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