Resonant Circuit Lab Report

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Resonant Circuit Lab Report

Resonant circuit lab report. CLICK TO ORDER YOUR PAPER


To construct and observe the operation of series and parallel resonant circuits

Theory overview

A resonant circuit which is in series consists of a capacitor, a resistor and an indicator connected in a loop. At some frequency the inductive and capacitive reactances magnitudes becomes equal and since they are opposite each other they effectively cancel each other. This makes the circuit to be purely resistive as it only ‘sees’ the resistor. Therefore at the resonance frequency the current becomes maximum. At any lower or higher frequency, the net difference between XC and XL   should be summed with the value of the resistor; this produces higher impedance and hence lowers the circuit current. Since this is a simple loop the voltage across the resistor will be directly proportional to the circuit current. Subsequently, the voltage across the resistor must be maximum at the circuit resonant frequency and reduces with the increase or decrease of frequency. The resistor rating at resonance sets the highest/maximum current and subsequently has a big voltage effect that is developed across the inductor and capacitor. The circuit Q is given by Q=X/R, i.e. the ratio of circuit resistance and resonant reactance.


Signal generator, capacitor, inductor, resistance box, and oscilloscope.


Figure 1: Circuit 1, L in series with R

Figure 2: Circuit 2, L in parallel with R


  1. Circuit one was set up as shown the in the above diagram.
  2. Voltage readings at Y were taken in steps of 1,2,5 starting from frequency of 100Hz to 1MHz
  3. Extra readings around the resonance point were taken (where Y1 is a maximum)
  4. Voltage across the capacitor at resonance was measured.
  5. Repeat was done with the resistance reduced by a half.
  6. Circuit 2 was also set as shown in diagram 2 above.
  7. Voltage at Y1 at 1, 2, 5 steps from 100Hz to 1MHz were taken.
  8. Extra readings around the resonance point were taken (where Y1 is a minimum)


The following results were obtained from the experiments.

Table 1: Results for the inductor in parallel connection

f  (Hz) V, Resistance =100Ω V Resistance =800 Ω
100 1 2.25
200 0.5 1.75
300 0.125 0.75
500 0.5 2.5
600 1.25 2.5
700 2 2.5
800 2.5 2.5
900 2.5 2.5
1000 2.5 2.5


Table 2: Results for the series connection

F (Hz) V,  R=100 V,  R = 700
100 0.15 1
200 0.5 3
300 1.2 3.5
500 0.5 3
600 0.2 1.5
700 0.1 1
800 0.08 0.6
900 0.04 0.2
1000 0.03 0.1

Plot graphs of voltage at Y1 against frequency on a log/linear scale.

Figure 3: Graph of Voltage against frequency for parallel connection

Calculation of Q of circuit 1 with each resistance

Calculations for parallel connection

For R = 100 Ω

From the graph f resonance = 300 Hz.

Q =  where R = 100 and c = 0.22

Q R 100 =  = 22.1 x 10-6 Coulombs

For R = 800 Ω

Since from the graph f resonance = 300 Hz.

Q =  where R = 800 and c = 0.22

Q R 800 =  = 3.01 x 10-6 Coulombs

At resonance in a RLC circuit voltage is at the minimum value


Figure 4: Graph of Voltage against frequency for series connection

Parallel connection calculations

For R = 100 Ω

From the graph f resonance = 300 Hz. It is noted that this value is similar to that obtained for the series connection.

Q =  where R = 100 and c = 0.22

Q R 100 =  = 22.1 x 10-6 Coulombs

For R = 700 Ω

Since from the graph f resonance = 300 Hz.

Q =  where R = 800 and c = 0.22

Q R 800 =  = 3.44 x 10-6 Coulombs

At resonance the voltage in RLC series circuit is maximum depending on the kind of resistors used, the larger the resistor the larger the value of voltage at resonance and vice versa. In the graph above it can be seen that resonance frequency is 300Hz. The circuit accepts a signal at the frequency of 300Hz and rejects all other frequencies.


From the above graphs it can be concluded that the resonance frequency is the same irrespective of the connection and value of resistance connected across the circuit. However, the charge (Q) which represents the quality factor of the circuit changes depending on the value of resistance. The higher the resistance the lower the value of charge and the lower the resistance the higher the value becomes. Therefore, the value of Q worked out is not consistent with the various definitions.


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