Renewable Energy Resources

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Renewable Energy Resources

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Renewable Energy Resources


There is a great debate on the energy and especially so on the dominance of hydrogen, geothermal, nuclear and biofuels energy against fossil energies. The fact that the fossil energies are Insufficient that is each year they are extracted they are depleted, the unsustainability, the destruction they cause to the ecological zones and contribution towards the alteration of the global climatic conditions makes it evident that alternative energies should become handy.

According to Evans, Douglas, & Burrow (2013), a vast quantity of energy is provided by the rays of the sun to the earth on a daily basis. There is about 4.3 x 1020 J of photons energy that shines on the earth’s surface every day. They believe that such supply of the power is sufficient to meet their annual demands. This supply is enough to cover our annual energy needs. Such alternative appears to be the main and most widely existing alternative sources of energy. Therefore, it is unexpected to note that a very small portion of the world’s energy is contributed by the solar-base energies. Besides, according to Ottmar et, al. (2011) the observation that the fossil oils are exhausted hence making a country rely on foreign nations in inconceivable. However, as far as nonrenewable sources of energy are argued for that have drawbacks such as the need for significant portions of land to cover the solar collectors and the adverse impacts on the animals and plants around such a setting. Furthermore, during the construction of transmission lines, buildings, and roads the ecological locations are affected. According to Ottmar (2012), the engineering procedure of solar and photovoltaic cells uses toxic chemicals and fluids. The storage of the solar panels and batteries is as well a pollutant source because of the manufacturing equipment related to it especially on a cloudy day. Nevertheless, when the pollution level of the renewables and non-renewable are compared there is a great difference because on renewables harm the aquatic animals in the water bodies. It also results in air pollution that leads to a lot of respiratory diseases as well as the acid rain and corrosions through emissions of carbon oxide as well as nitrate oxides.

According to a report from Tesla, there are high levels of innovation within their company as a result of the generation of the PV solars, and they keep power even on rainy and cloudy days (Lackner, 2012). Though many people regard the fact that fossil fuels will never end in America, that is a wrong assumption (Ottmar 2012). The search for free energy sources is inevitable because it has reduced the expenditures of the renewable sources such as solar and the wind s a result of the technological and engineering developments (Kreith 2008)). Soon, the renewable energies will be widespread among individuals hence they will become the only alternative to power generation contrasted with the hydrocarbon systems (Lackner n.d.). One such example is the position presentations, like the remote photovoltaics and solar swimming pool heat generation. Given that it is emanation-free, as environment-friendly it is being recommended almost by every environment conscious bodies Ottmar (2012). Notably, like Oil and Gas 360 (2012) assert, the wind power has also joined the chain of cost –cut energy source with more than already over 3,500 MW of global energy. With a long lifespan, the renewable energy arrangements and traditional power are competing substantially.

As Hruska (2014) postulates, the International Energy Agency finds difficulties among people shifting to the on renewable energy. Furthermore, though wind turbines are powerful technologies that support power generation, they are constrained by the extremely low density hence for them to be effective one has to have numerous of them. According to Hruska (2014), the long-term viability of extensive renewable implementation, is necessary depending on will more than the total cost of energy 40% of energy at a time as compared to fossil oils that produce 80 %. According to Lackner (n.d.) the non-renewable fossil energy substructure, there is a high generation of the oxidized carbon.

Conversely, eight five percent of the current power consumption is finite and undistributed below the earth’s surface. Moreover, the burning of such fuels results in the discharge of detrimental gasses into the environment. The only attractive solution to this problem is the use of solar fuel production due to its potential to produce low carbon energy carriers that can aid in storing the power that is contained in solar photons and effectively replaces fossil fuels

The installed alternative /renewable energy systems are still in developments around the globe. As a result, the total energy supply from renewable is far less than the world energy demands.   Besides, although the technological; advancement of renewable is expected to grow, the energy density and storage capacity of renewable are still small.  Furthermore, renewable energy applications are still techno-economically expensive to replace the current energy infrastructure used for conventional fuel fuels. Renewable energy is less expensive for typical fossils.

Conversion of solar technology into electrical energy is quite a taxing undertaking. Greater amounts of electrical power cannot resourcefully without difficult. Large quantities of electrical energy cannot be stored easily and efficiently. Additionally, the alternating nature of sun emissions means that daylight can only obtain electric power. With the setup of the contemporary society, this appears to be incompatible.


All nations need to work hand in hand to cease to rely on fossil fuels to enhance the satisfaction of their energy demand (Guszlo & Erdohelyi, 2012). They should, therefore, focus on alternative sources of power particularly renewable and ensure that they are more effective and efficient.  Besides, energy science and research should continue to play a significant role in making sure that all renewable energy sources become competitive to currently dominant fossil fuels .Guozi and Erdohely (2012) claims that unlike fossil fuels, renewable energy resources are abundant and well distributed around the world. Moreover, they allow the growth of zero-carbon or carbon-neutral technology, thus making a contribution to the alleviation of global warming effects.

Annotated bibliography

Abdullah, M. (2012). Applied Energy: An introduction. New York: CRC Press.

Abdullah (2012) discusses on the unsustainance of most of the fossils that we consume. He further claims that considers that renewable sources promise sustainability and energy balance concerning global energy and demand. Moreover, such resources are beneficial from the ecological point of view. Unlike the fossil fuels such energy does not produce carbon dioxide and another form of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. However, these types of developments are still under developments around the globe. Despite the technological advantages of the renewable energy that it is expected to grow, the energy density and storage capacity of these sources are quite small.

Evans, R. D. (2013). Applied Photochemistry. New York: Springer Science & Business Media. Retrieved from

Evans, Douglas & burrow (2013) claims that there is enough energy that is supplied by the sun to the earth every day. They argue that the amount of the energy is sufficient to cover the yearly needs regarding power. Although the fossil fuel supplies a larger portion of the current energy source, such energy is finite and unevenly distributed under the earth’s surface. As a result, burning of this fuel leads to the pollution of the atmosphere. Therefore, utilization of renewable energy can save the environment for future generations.

Guszlo, L. &. (2012). Catalysis for Alternative Energy Generation. New York: Springer Science & Business Media.

.             Guozi and Erdohely (2012) find it appropriate for countries around the world to unite and stop relying on fossil fuel as a way to bring satisfaction to their energy demands. The authors assert that it is more imperative to have alternative sources of energy, particularly renewable and make them more efficient and effective. Furthermore, there should be more incorporation of research and energy science that will aid in improving the competitive advantage of renewable resources over its competitors.

Oil & Gas 360. (2012). At what point will renewable energy be able to replace fossil fuels? n.p.

This article carries out a survey in the assessment of whether the renewable resources could take the place of the fossil energy. The study analyses the value of entry from the wind as well as the solar energies comparison with charcoal and other non-renewables. The text is relevant to the fact that it has opinions that oppose and argue for the change of oil source.

Hruska, J. (December 1, 2014). Solar and wind power are now fully cost-competitive with fossil fuels – is it time to switch over? n.p.

In this text, there is a fact that even though renewable resources are popular before gathering details about a lady them, marriage is not imminent. Moreover, the texts expose the effects of carbon dioxide exposed through the heavily used objects. However, it seems that the wind and solar energies have had prominence in the marketplace.

Lackner, K. (n.d.). Comparative impacts of fossil fuels and alternative energy sources. 1-41.

In the article that Hruska gives he discusses the effects of carbon dioxide on the environment and the non-renewable role, energies have played towards pollution. The text hem suggests a solution to the emanations through the usage of nonrenewable resources. The research seeks to limit the reachability of this data helps in forming arguments in the question that is due.

Ottmar Edenhofe et, a. (Ed.). (2011). Renewable Energy Sources and Climate change mitigation: special report of the Intergovernmental panel on climate change. Cambridge; Melbourne: Cambridge University Press.

The text is relevant because it offers the summary of environmental policies and how individuals disregard them. Similarly, the book contains the renewable energy as well as the climatic alteration. The breakdown of sources of energy into direct solar, geothermal, hydropower, ocean and wind energy as well as its mitigation and integration in the setting. The study delves deeply into the effect of the global issue. Within the alternative sources of energy the argument is that they are efficient, cost-friendly, with little pollution, hence have a high marketability that creates completion among us. Later, the text focuses on the regional aspects of the renewable energy source accompanied with the challenges in it and they include, underinvestment in the innovative technologies of renewable energy production, tariffs, and trade barriers from existing companies underestimated ecological effects, and the monopoly of suppliers in the energy production. This study is relevant to the study because they generate supportive and critical facts about both renewable and non-renewables.

Kreith, F. A. (2008). Principles of sustainable energy systems (Second Edition ed.). New York: Taylor and Francis Group.

Keith introduces examples of sustainable energy alongside the underlying principles such as energy crisis, development, practice, as well as the problems engineering of sustainable energy faces. The text lists the challenges as population, water, exponential growth, food supply, and energy. The book then shows that America will be going for alternative energy in the place of fossil energy. The book discusses the basic consideration for sources of energy such ad energy financial efficacy, energy return as compared to the cost of investment, the costs involved in the generation of power the expenditures in time and uncertainty components as well as extra expenses. The text concludes with energy conversion tables. This is a relevant text to the question, and it has a detailed data that is necessary for answering it.



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Ottmar Edenhofe et, al. (Ed.). (2011). Renewable Energy Sources and Climate change mitigation: special report of the intergovernmental panel on climate change. Cambridge; Melbourne: Cambridge University Press.

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