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My name is Sabah.

I am here to encourage you and give you a secret to faster dissertation writing experience.

When I was doing my PhD in Solar Energy, everything seemed smooth until my professor told me that my research methodology was wrong and the rest of my dissertation was messy.

I was dumbfounded.

Why did he take so long to inform me?

What if I failed to write a better dissertation within two months?

There was only one verdict. Failing to graduate and waiting for the next 15 months.

The only quick solution was to get a professional dissertation writing service tat could help me to achieve what I had failed to.

Google became my best friend.

The search began.I could easily differentiate impostors from the best dissertation writing websites.


Here is what I did that can also help you:

I searched for the exact word “Professional dissertation writing websites in USA”

I was specific.

Nothing but a specific answer was going to help me.

Google threw 160 million results onto my face.

I needed to sample out the best company to work with.

This meant that I had to choose only one dissertation writing service.

It is not as simple as it sounds.


I looked for dissertation writing services customer reviews

To isolate the best from the worst, I started looking at customer reviews of each of the first 20 results obtained in the first step.

Whenever I got a company which stated that they keep personal information secure while giving a testimonial with a full photo and name of the student, I knew I was being fooled.

How can you give the name, location and photo of a customer on your website and still brag that you are a confidential dissertation writing company?

There is nothing secret about displaying such information.

I only listed websites that provided only the first name or anonymous names and custom reviews.

You know, it is important to respect the privacy of others.

After all, I did not want the whole world to know that I once ordered a paper from a writing company.

Who wants intrusion to their privacy?


I checked the security of the dissertation writing websites

Any dissertation writing company whose website lacked the green padlock with an SSL certificate was left out.

Insecure websites are  dangerous to work with.

What if they are hacked?

It means that I will lose my dissertation, maybe.

And it might take ages before the service comes online.


Next I checked the dissertation writing prices

Have you ever been broke.

Only broke people know the difference between a dissertation writing service which charges $25 per double spaced page and those which charge $50.

Why should anybody charge twice the amount charged by other websites?

Who do they think they are?

I also avoided websites which promised to deliver the best PhD dissertation at $5 per page.

This was not a high school essay but a PhD dissertation.

I needed some elements of class without being too lavish.


I examined the dissertation buying process

Some websites make it easy for users to buy doctoral dissertations online.

Others make it difficult with complex and long sign-up procedures.

I wanted dissertation writing assistance and not long on-boarding processes.


I checked dissertation samples

Samples are everything.

If a website displays good samples, you can be sure that they will deliver quality results.


After checking tens of other features of dissertation writing sites, I settled on Write My Dissertation.


The Benefits of Dissertation Writing Assistance

  • Faster writing
  • Higher reliability
  • Expert writers work for you
  • Timely delivery of papers
  • Gives you free time

From that time (4 years ago), I continued using this website.

I am now a professional engineer and at the same time a writer.

That is why I wrote this page to encourage you.


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Professional Dissertation Writing Services

If you have taken more than four years in your Ph.D. studies, there are big chances that you need help from professional dissertation writing services.

Come to think of it this way.

Which one is cheaper? Paying a custom dissertation writing service to help you or groping in the dark trying to write your dissertation?


My Friend’s dissertation experience 

Ten years ago, when my friend was busy writing her PhD dissertation, I helped her complete it. I learn an important lesson that it is better to outsource than to try accomplishing everything yourself.


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  • Professional writers
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