Why Do PhD Students Drop Out?

It is not unusual for junior students to drop out of school, especially in developing countries.

But why should a post-graduate student (who already knows the importance of learning) drop out of school all of a sudden?

It is a fact that approximately 50% of graduate students never complete their post-graduate studies

The increasing numbers of PhD student dropouts is alarming.

Something has to be done.

Why do many PhD students drop out of school and discontinue their studies?

This post examines some of the reasons for doctoral student attrition in various universities across the world.


What researchers have found out about graduate students

failing to prepare is preparing to fail in your dissertation

Many students fail their PhD because of a chain of events that cause and lead to poor dissertation writing.

Dissertation writing is a cause and an effect of the high rates of PhD fails.

We conducted a research on 20 PhD students and found amazing reasons why some of them don’t complete their dissertations.

The reasons may also apply to you.


Why is your dissertation undone?

Here are some of the reasons why you have not completed your dissertation yet:

1.      You are overwhelmed by the size of the dissertation

You think that the dissertation is too big. I understand. It is really big.

Your problem is more psychological that physical.

You need to break the process into tiny bits and get started if at all you want to complete it.

2.      You chose a hard topic

A dissertation is among the few exams in which the student sets the exam and starts doing it.

You do not to set a hard exam and start fumbling around for answers!

Do yourself a favour and choose a doable topic.

For instance, you cannot decide to investigate how tomatoes grow in the moon when you pretty well know that it is hard, impossible or too costly.

3.      You chose something you hate

Hey. You really need to do what you love if you want to do it perfectly.

Therefore, when choosing a dissertation topic, make sure that you choose something that you’d love to spend the rest of your life doing.

When you choose what you love, you will pour your heart into it and the results would be amazing.

4.      You procrastinate a lot

This one is deadly. You cannot postpone writing your dissertation and hope that one day a genie will appear and command your paper to write itself.

You are a smart person and you know that hard work pays. Why can’t you start writing a few pages daily?

For instance, if you write three pages per day, you shall have written 150 pages within 50 days.

That is less than two months. It is absurd to hear anybody saying that it is hard to write a 70- page dissertation.

5.      You have no clear deadlines

Did you know that deadlines squeeze productivity out of people?

Set a solid deadline for each milestone and you will realize that you can write a full dissertation within two months or less.

6.      Negative thinking

Negative thoughts can overpower even the smartest people in the world.

But why should you focus on the negatives when there are many good things happening around you?

Do you know how many people envy your academic achievements and yet you are here pretending that you cannot put your research in writing? It is such a pity.

You need to overcome your feelings of inadequacy, wake up and be the real you.

7.      You want to become and remain a perfectionist.

A perfectionist wants to correct the grammar, spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes etc.

even before writing one sentence. Look here, I wrote this book within two days.

I know there are errors here and there but that is not my focus.

That is why big brands like Microsoft, Apple, Android, etc. release product upgrades.

They correct their mistakes on the way. If you want to progress well, write your thoughts as they come; you will edit them later.

8.      Don’t isolate yourself

You need to hear what other scholars are doing.

For instance, when I tell you that I can write up to 10,000 words per day, you should feel challenged and try to write even 2,000 words.

In the process, you will learn that you are not the worst because you will discover some people who do not even know how to type, let alone owning a computer.

Get out of your cocoon and get challenged.

9.      Anxiety about professor’s reactions

You are too anxious about what the professor will say to write a single word.

In the end, the professor may be forced to say that you are not fit for your doctoral of master’s studies because you have failed to prove it in writing.

Your supervisor is just a human being.

Write something and be close to your supervisor.

The supervisor will help you. Furthermore, you can use dissertation templates to spearhead your writing.

10.  You hate writing

Most people hate writing and yet they write. You are not alone.

Why can’t you be like them? Remember the greatest people in the world have written something.

If they haven’t, other people have written about them.

If you can explain everything about your research orally, then you can write.

All you need to do is to grab a computer, open a word processor and start typing as if you are talking to somebody.

You can even record yourself and hire a transcriber to put your spoken words into written content.

However, writing your dissertation gives you a sense of pride, a deep sense of belonging which nothing can replace.



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