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Digital Marketing Assignment Help

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In the last one decade, there has been an impressive surge in the number of internet users. And, with the rapid progress of IT (Information Technology and ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services), online business concepts and e-commerce are gaining higher market attention. Simultaneously, internet-based marketing tools are providing wider scope for promoting products and services in the market.

Advertising delivered through digital channels, such as search engines, social media, websites, email, and mobile apps is known as digital marketing. Many colleges across the world offer bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. programs in digital marketing. Moreover, students of management, commerce, and applied economics also study this subject as a subsidiary paper. For scholars of this subjects, who find it difficult to complete their academic write-ups, Global Assignment Help has come up with digital marketing assignment help online. Our team of writers is well versed in all the concepts of this subject and provide high-quality assignments, that too within the deadline.

7 Key Ingredients of a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy


Digital marketing Assignment Help

This is a solution of Digital marketing Assignment Help in which we discuss about markeing on internet and Network security risk and protection.

Improving Marketing and sales

In order to enhance the marketing activities and increase the products sales, August Online technology could make use of the internet sources which could help in expanding its business to the great extent. In the present technological era, the internet sources acquire wide scopes of approaching the greater number of people and influence them accordingly.  There are various ways of enhancing the sales and marketing of the business by using internet such as social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimisation, websites, etc. However, some of the most common and effective ways which could be used by August Online technology are:

Optimisation of the website

Optimising the website would help the company approach higher number of customer by coming into the observation through the search engines  (, 2013). The most common way of optimising the website is the keyword placement in the content of the website which would help the website to register in better way with the search engines and would attract the customers by the same.

Digital marketing Assignment Help

Social media

This is the most common and influential way of approaching the customers and increasing sales in the present time. Social media sources had become a major advantage for online marketing such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, etc. These are the direct communication pathways to the customers and could influence them effectively.  August Online technology would be able to grab the attention of the customers at larger platform and increase their sales of the products effectively. This also leads to the enhancement with the customer relationship and their satisfaction over the products.

Email marketing campaigns

Email is also one of the most used communication pathways which connects the customers and the company effectively. This way of internet market is considered to be the most inexpensive marketing tactic for making the customer aware about the products and services and keeping them updated with the information (, 2012). This also influences the people by providing them with the updated information of the discounts or offers for the products and convinces them to make the purchases.

Network security risk and protection

While moving online it is also required to be much concerned about the data and information security on the computer network as there are massive numbers of risk over them. The information of the company could be misused by any of the external sources. There are various security risks, internet and the network attacks which could impact the safety and privacy of the products of the company. The major risks to the information are loss of data, insecure practices, cloud security threats, hacking, etc. these could lead towards the severe risk to the company and could impact the business to the large extent. It has been seen that the advancement in the network also acquires a negative phase of the security concerns which hampers the business effectively (Tsimonis and Dimitriadis, 2014).

It has been seen that there are wide ranges of the security tool which could be used by August Online technology to protect its product and the product information from the same. Some of the most common tools are campus border firewall, password management, encryption, network access control, virtual private network, virus protection tool, etc. By making use of these tools, the organisation would be able to ensure the security and the protection of the data and carry its functionalities effectively. The firewall, encryption, etc. tools would prevent any of the unauthorised access to the computer network and helps in keeping the data confidential. In addition to this, with the help of password management every individual in the company would be provided with a separate password so that no one could access the system without the consent of the owner.  Thus, it is very important for the organisation to be aware about the security tools and make better use of it.


Why Students Need Digital Marketing Assignment Help?

Students of digital marketing have to handle a lot of pressure when it comes to producing a well-researched academic document. Even if a student has interest in the subject, it does not necessarily mean that he will be able to write a good assignment as it demands a lot of time and effort, which is tough to contribute because of the extremely busy schedule. Here we have discussed some of the common issues that deter a scholar from writing his digital marketing assignment:

1) Lack of research skills

As per our digital marketing assignment help experts, research on a topic is the toughest problem for students due to unavailability of relevant reference materials. Although many students rely on online databases, the problem that arises here is that many websites do not provide accurate data.

2) Weak knowledge

The most common reason for seeking online digital marketing assignment writing services is the unawareness of the topic. Moreover, the interdisciplinary nature of the subject often requires scholars to read many related topics of management, commerce, and information technology.

3)Hectic schedule

College students often remain preoccupied with loads of tasks varying from attending the classes, self-study, participating in extracurricular activities to socializing. Amidst all these things, they hardly get any time for doing research on the topic and writing the document. And, thus they opt for digital marketing assignment writing assistance from experts.

4) Poor writing skills

Many students fail to write a high-quality assignment of digital marketing even after putting enough effort in research due to their improper linguistic skills. Moreover, writing an academic paper is different as students have to follow a prescribed pattern and certain referencing norms. But unawareness of these rules compels them to seek online assistance from experts.

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Topics Covered by Our Digital Marketing Assignment Experts

As per our digital marketing assignment writing experts, students of this subject are taught various aspects of internet marketing that are used for attracting, engaging, and converting customers online. Our digital marketing experts have so far helped many students with well-researched documents on various topics of this subject. Some of them are listed below:

  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Display marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
  • SMO(Social Media Optimization)
  • Web Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • SMM(Social Media Marketing)

This was not the comprehensive list of topics that we have covered, there are many more to the list. Our digital marketing assignment help team is well versed in all the concepts of this subject to provide you with a high-quality assignment on any topic.

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MKTG 229 – Assignment 5 W 17 – MARKETING 229 W17 Digital Marketing Assignment


MKTG229 Digital Marketing Strategy Implementation Project

MKTG229 Digital Marketing Strategy and Implementation Project

This MKTG229 digital marketing strategy and implementation project will operate throughout the remainder of term and will culminate with a written report due in Week 13 and followed by an in-class presentation.

Your task:

  • Create a Digital Marketing Strategy and Implementation Plan. This process starts with understanding your market and your products’ relationship to that market.
  • For the purpose of this assignment you and your group members represent the owners of the new e-business
  • Ensure that your strategy and implementation plans considers SEO, mobile marketing, content marketing and social media – strategies and tactics
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of digital marketing project management

Follow the guidelines below to create your Digital Strategy and Implementation Plan:

  1. Know company and know your market
  2. Set the marketing objectives
  3. Generate strategies and tactics for achieving objectives
  4. Evaluate Strategies
  5. Implement with specifics related to the tools you choose
  6. Track, Analyze, Optimize and Control

This is a group assignment and you and your group mates are responsible for leading, coordinating, arranging for & managing meetings, providing feedback &direction and motivation. Everyone must put in equal effort in completing the assignment. Individual – group evaluations are part of the process.The report must read as one coherent document and must have the appearance of a single marketing plan report.

Write in standard report format using APA to reference any supporting material. See notes below in italic. You will likely want to follow this for the external macro environmental section of the report.

This assignment is designed to examine:

  • your understanding of the concepts taught
  • your application of key concepts
  • your marketing creativity
  • your ability to present your ideas in a interesting and coherent fashion

Product Choices for the Canadian Market (Online/e-Commerce/App)

  1. Specialty Baby Accessories
  2. Specialty products for Dogs
  3. Art/Photography products for Home or Office applications
  4. Specialty Electronic Products or Accessories
  5. An Opinion Blog for Twenty- Something’s  – Gaming or Dating
  6. Products and tips for High Performance Training – Marathon or Ironman
  7. Local and Seasonal foods – where to find and how to cook  – Blog
  8. Craft and Jewelry – women
  9. Clothing for Children 3-10
  10. Bicycle parts and Support

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Advanced Digital Marketing Assignment 2

Learning outcomes
Addresses learning outcome(s):
On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
2. Clearly explain the key factors of effective marketing through digital channels;
4. Clearly explain the function and relevance of various digital tools and
techniques in relation to digital marketing strategies; and
5. Design high-reach and high-engagement digital marketing strategies.
Related graduate attribute(s):
• UC graduates are professional – employ up-to-date and relevant knowledge
and skills (1.);
• UC graduates are professional – communicate effectively (1.);
• UC graduates are professional – use creativity, critical thinking, analysis
and research skills to solve theoretical and real-world problems (1.);
• UC graduates are global citizens – think globally about issues in their
profession (2.);
• UC graduates are global citizens – communicate effectively in diverse
cultural and social settings (2.);
• UC graduates are global citizens – make creative use of technology in
their learning and professional lives (2.);
• UC graduates are global citizens – behave ethically and sustainably in
their professional and personal lives (2.).
• UC graduates are lifelong learners – reflect on their own practice, updating
and adapting their knowledge and skills for continual professional and
academic development (3.);
• UC graduates are lifelong learners – adapt to complexity, ambiguity and change
by being flexible and keen to engage with new ideas (3.);
• UC graduates are lifelong learners – evaluate and adopt new technology (3.).
Brief: Digital marketing in practice.
Value: 60%.
Suggested Word Count: 2000 words (10% allowable either way). Indicate word
count on cover.
Format: Assignment type-written or word processed in 12-point font, double
spaced, with margins of at least 25mm.
Due: Modules 1-10 should be completed prior to commencement of this
assessment item.
End Outcome: A.
This assignment requires you to choose one of the marketing channels identified in
the first assessment piece, and formulate a marketing strategy around this channel.
It is broken up into two pieces: the strategy/justification, and a practical element.


The first part of this assignment requires you to justify your choice of digital marketing strategy and formulate an in depth marketing strategy.
The following elements should be included:
• A justification for choosing the particular strategy – including why it is potentially more effective than traditional marketing channels, and why it is the most effective digital strategy to pursue in this situation.
• An explanation of the function of your chosen digital marketing tool and the
particular benefits and features of it.
• Key strategies for driving traffic to the online business.
• An action plan outlining the key steps that need to be followed to implement
this strategy.
• Key management concerns that must be considered when implementing this strategy – including change management and adoption of new technologies, if applicable.
• A plan for evaluating and monitoring the effectiveness of the strategy.


The second part of this assignment requires you to demonstrate an understanding of how these digital marketing strategies work in practice. To do this you have two options.
If you chose an existing business you must follow option (i). If you are doing a business that is your own start-up, you must choose option (ii).
i. Here you are required to reflect on your businesses existing marketing efforts.
This reflection must include both (a) evidence of the marketing campaign
(screenshot, email, social media posts, blog posts etc.) and (b) a personal
reflection about the ways in which you think the marketing campaign could
be improved or developed further (this reflection should be no longer than
400 words).
ii. If you chose to do your own start-up, you must develop a mock-up version of
your chosen strategy. This could include a website address, an example email
the marketing campaign, a social media post, or an example blog post. This doesn’t
have to be ‘live’ as yet, though it should certainly be a good representation of
how the digital marketing strategy may look if you were to dedicate resources to
this strategy in the future.
Additional Information
Assignment Checklist
Title: Full assignment question, single-spaced on the first page.
Identification: Full name and student number, single spaced on the first page.
Journal Articles: Argument or discussion uses a minimum of
five academic references (books or peer-reviewed journal articles)
and all are referenced in the assignment.
Page Numbers: Pages numbers placed on top right hand corner of each
page, without brackets or full stops.
Referencing: Harvard or APA system of referencing is used.
Full reference list – not bibliography – included at end of assignment.
Library and Resources: Assignment includes journals, papers and
books sourced from the library or other university resources.
• Use your first assignment as the foundation for this larger piece. Utilise what
you know about the online customer experience and customer interaction and
keep this in the back of your mind as you develop your strategy.
• Justify your strategy using academic and industry material. Not only will it help
provide legitimacy to your analysis, it may also provide you with some great ideas.
• Have a good look around at what digital marketing strategies other companies
are using- this might spark your imagination or help you to think innovatively
about this task.
• Depending on the strategy you chose, you will have different material to
present. Anything in the form of website, blog post or online content can be
screen-shotted and included in the body of your assignment. If it video content,
or other content which can not be captured easily via screenshot, please
provide a link and brief description of this content so its clear to the marker
what you are trying to display.
• Submit the assignment in .doc or .docx.


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