Community Problem Report

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Community Problem Report

Community Problem Report


There are advantages and disadvantages of keeping animals in captivity. The word captivity might sound too hash thus making the act look bad and undeserved (Doris, 2017). Wild animals in zoos are said to be in captivity as well those in animal orphanages. This a heated debate in most of the countries in the world, but in most cases, those who support are always on the winning side.

Reason Why They Should

Wild animals are an attraction to the tourist. For example, the kangaroos are mainly found in Australia while penguins in Antarctica, this means that you have to travel to this countries to see these animals. The traveling expenses and accommodation might cause you a fortune, especially those who travel from far. The zoo that harbors such animals saves its citizen time and money for traveling to this countries.

We have endangered species of animals in the current world. Such animals are prone to be extinct if left in the wild on their own. Putting them in a zoo makes them safer than when left in the forest (Sencer, 2016). For example, we have the famous African white rhino, the species is currently very rare to an extent that they need to be tracked day and night. If it were not for the measures taken to conserve them they could be no more at the moment. The rhinos are hunted by other wild animals as well as human being for its horns.

Animals are a source of entertainment. For those who dispute this fact need to visit places, for example in a circus. In modern movies, animals take part in enhancing the entertainment industry. An example of such animals are the animals in the zoos and theme park such as Marineland. Finally, animals under captivity provide resources for researchers to conduct a research on specific animals (YPTE, 2017). The research findings are very important to the animal species as well as the human being who relate to them. Students both young and old learn about animals in their classrooms, the zoos on the other side offer them with a practical relation of what they learn in class. The understanding increases after physically seeing the animals.


Reasons Why Not

Animals are living creature just as we are and have the right to live free, and anywhere they wish. I have never seen human beings being caged, therefore they should not curtail the freedom of other animals as well. I am always saddened when I see an animal in a cage, far away from its family. If you love an animal you will not put it in a cage. Most of the animals in the zoos were taken away from their families while young, they cannot find food for themselves something it could learn in its natural habitat.

Animals suffer from stress as well. Animals in cages are away from their parents as well as their natural habitat. Adapting to the new environment might take time thus making the animal has started growing. Some animals die in the process (PETA2, 2015). People take advantage of animals and train them for business. The entertainment the animals offer was not the initial plan of our creator. The animals are there to be admired and appreciated the way they are. In conclusion, I am not for the idea that animals should be kept in captivity.

Age Gap of Animals in Zoos

Most of the animals we find in the cages and zoos are the aged, young and wounded animals. The higher percentage of them are the young ones. The babies are not as dangerous as their parents, as the infants grow they forget their original traits and their parents as well. Most of them are not allowed to mate. Such restrictions are ungodly therefore should be stopped. People who discourage this acts have the understanding that animals have their own right which needs to be respected by all. Keeping aged animals in cages is reasonable because you are helping them survive a little more year as they provide learning resources to students.

Animal Rights

Animals have the right to live and access to basic interests. They are protected by the law against suffering imposed by human beings. Therefore to keep an animal in a zoo you require certification from the government. Your intentions on the animals should safeguard the life of that animal (Birdie, 2017). Before you are allowed to do so you should prove that you are taking if from a dangerous environment to a much safer one. Not everyone is allowed to own a wild animal, training is required. Organization and government parastatals that have the rights of keeping wild animals can be judged before the court if they mishandle the animals.

Animals and the Economy

The economy of a county is one of the reasons why zoos have not been banned. Wild animals and natural resources are the greatest contributors to the tourism industry. Abolishing zoos will affect the economy of a country greatly (Saint Louis Zoo, 2017). Through the animals in the zoos, both local and international tourists are attracted to the parks. International tourist pay a lot of money just to see the animals (CINCINNATI, 2013). When a country receives international visitors it is a sign that the country is safe thus attracting investors as well. When investors flock the market the economy of the country will defiantly grow in the process.



Zoos have their merits and demerits and animals have their rights. The world is divided into two when it comes to the question, Should animals be kept in captivity? Some people argue that zoos are essential but cages should be abolished, something which is next to impossible. You cannot have a zebra and a lion in the same field without caging one of them. Such an act will deprive one animals’ life which is a criminal act. The bottom line is, keeping animals in captivity is unlawful. The fact is overturned where the caging of the animal enhances its security.



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