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What is online assignment writing?

Assignment writing refers to the writing of academic-related work in various academic courses such as business, geography, politics, women affairs, literature, psychology, sociology, mathematics, English language, languages, biology, physics, history, chemistry, etc. Just like class work which is marked by the lecturers, assignments are completed so that they can be marked and awarded marks. The quality of an assignment determines the score awarded to the student. University, college, and high school students resort to parents, private academic tutors or professional assignment writing services like Write My Dissertation for help with assignments.

In order to produce the best assignments, students should pay close attention to the instructions and questions posed by the assignment. Whether you are supposed to write an essay, research paper, dissertation, book report, case study, coursework, term paper, literature review, mathematical and statistical calculations, or any other paper, you should follow the instructor’s instructions.

How to write a tough assignment and get the best grades

Understand the question

The first aspect of assignment writing is understanding the assignments’ specifications. Excellent answers lead to excellent grades. In order to develop the best answers, you must know what the question is. Ask yourself the following assignment questions:

  • Are you supposed to calculate, narrate a story, evaluate, highlight, discuss or enumerate?
  • What does the examiner need of you?
  • What is the word count?
  • How much time is needed to complete this assignment?
  • What resources are needed for the successful completion of the work?
  • Are there any available assignment samples?
  • What is the complexity of the assignment?
  • What citation style or writing style should be used; is it APA, MLA, Harvard, Vancouver, Chicago, Turabian, SISTO, Oxford?
  • How can I avoid plagiarism in my assignment?
  • What if I fail to write this assignment?

The questions are supposed to spark some interest and motivate you to write an excellent paper. For instance, you already know that if you turn in a poorly written paper, you shall fail in your academic pursuit and become a nobody.

Most probably, you know that if you plagiarise, you will be forced out of school or be made to repeat the whole unit.

If you procrastinate writing your assignment, you will be forced to write in a hurry and hand in a low-quality assignment which may spell your academic doom.

If you don’t pay attention to the instructions, you are most likely to miss the question and answer irrelevantly, leading to poor grades.

Therefore, you need to pay attention and become a good assignment writer.

Otherwise, You need expert help!


Start writing your assignment immediately

If you want to make your school-life unbearable, then postpone assignment writing until the last minute, just before the deadline. Bad things happen at such times. For instance:

  1. you may be too tired to think well,
  2. you may not understand the question,
  3. you may forget to save your work properly,
  4. you may write your assignment only to hit “do not save” on your computer,
  5. you may have a power blackout, forcing you to stop writing altogether,
  6. your storage may get lost,
  7. you may be called to an inevitable meeting, occasion or event,

Clearly, there are many things which can stop you from completing a postponed assignment.

Create a style template

Depending on the instructor’s specified writing style, you should create a template before starting the writing process. If you are told to write a research paper in MLA, APA, Harvard or any other style, start working from the template. You can get nice templates here on our website. Do not be shy to ask for help.

the template will help you start from an advantageous point. You will not need to format your paper at the last minute. All your writing shall flow. The template shall help you in creating a draft as explained in the next section.


Create an assignment draft

You need a draft of the sections of your paper to make sure that you address all questions.

Starting with the cover page, fill in the details as specified in the academic citation style you are using. For instance, if you are writing in APA style, make sure your cover page has your name, title of your paper and your university. By this time, your APA template has the page header already – the running head and page number.

Write the subheadings of your assignment in the way they appear in the assignment brief. Be sure to indicate the number of words each section should contain. Failure to do this may cause you t write too much and reach the word limit without answering all questions. Once you are done writing the headings, you are ready for the next bit of your assignment.

Start researching your assignment

Academic research is a paramount aspect of academic assignment writing. the more you read, the more you increase your understanding and your chances of writing your assignment as a professional writer.

Fill in the details on your outline

The next stage is to fill your outline with details. Use your researching tools to come up with original ideas to complete your paper.

Proofread and edit your work

Once you are through with writing, leave your work to “cool” for a few hours. Again this shows the importance of starting assignment writing exercise early.

Go and relax or do other things and come back with a clean pair of eyes that are attentive to detail. Read out your work loudly or even softly while editing and proofreading ruthlessly. Eliminate anything that may indicate vagueness and concentrate on the “sweet meat” of your paper. Editing helps you in identifying and removing writing mistakes which may otherwise lower your grade.

Once you are through with editing, don’t celebrate yet!

Store and backup your assignment work appropriately

I know of many students who complete assignments successfully only to wake up and find that their computers cannot boot up.

What can you do if you complete an assignment, store it a memory card or flash disk only to find that you cannot retrieve it? You will feel frustrated. Right?

Then you need to be wiser when dealing with electronics. You need to back up your assignment in at least two or three places. You may store the assignment in your computer, your flash disk or any other external memory and online – in a secure email or data storage system.

Better still, you can submit your assignment immediately after proofreading to your instructor.

Then what next?


Sometimes the assignment may be too tough.

You may lack time to complete it.

You may be sick or in an urgent event or meeting

You may be working while studying, etc.

All such things demand help. You need help writing your assignment or else you will fail terribly.

These are the times when you should look for the most affordable assignment writing services.

Affordable Assignment Writing Services

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Factors to consider before buying assignments online

The internet is full of unscrupulous assignment writers who are ready to swindle you of your money at any instant. On the other hand, you have an assignment which needs to be completed within a tight deadline. How do you get the writing service without being scammed? You need to know how to identify the cheapest essay writing service. This section describes how to find the best assignment writers online:

Cheap cost: The best writing service should not be too cheap nor too expensive.

Reliability: The writers at the best writing service should be able to deliver your assignments as and when required before the deadline. Furthermore, they should be available for any questions and updates on the progress of your work.

Plagiarism: The online assignment writer should know how to avoid plagiarism n your paper.

Professionalism: The writing service should display all manner of professionalism when handling your paper in the inquiries, ordering, processing and delivery processes.

Confidentiality: The assignment writing website should keep all of your information safe and away from unauthorised people to safeguard you from online fraudsters.

Security: Your assignment writing company should be encrypted with a secure SSL to prevent access to information by third parties.

Support: The company should be available throughout.

Areas of Assignment Writing Help

Get help writing your assignment in the following areas:

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Aeronautical engineering assignment writers are available to help you.

If any of these are your disciplines, we’ve got you covered:


African Studies



American Studies


Ancient History






Art and Design

Asian Studies



Aural and Oral Sciences

Bible Studies


Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences

Biomedical Engineering




Business studies


Cells and Systems Biology

Celtic Studies

Chemical Engineering


Civil Engineering


Classics & Ancient History

Communication & Media Studies

Complementary Medicine

Computer Science


Creative Writing



Development Studies

Digital marketing



Drama, Dance & Cinematics

East & South Asian Studies





Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Electrical Engineering


Environmental Science

Experimental Psychology


Film Making

Film Studies

Fine art

Food Science

Forensic Science





General Engineering


Geography & Environmental Sciences




History of Art, Architecture & Design

Hospitality, Leisure, Recreation & Tourism

Human Sciences

Iberian Languages/Hispanic Studies

Information Engineering

International Relations

Islamic Studies




Land & Property Management


Librarianship & Information Management

Life Sciences


Management Studies

Manufacturing Engineering


Materials Science

Materials Technology


Mechanical Engineering

Medical Technology


Middle Eastern



Occupational Therapy

Optometry, Ophthalmology & Orthoptics

Pharmacology & Pharmacy


Physics and Astronomy






Russian & East European Languages

Social media marketing

Social Policy

Social Work


Sports Science

Theology and Religious Studies

Town and Country Planning and Landscape Design

Women studies

Veterinary Medicine

Youth Work

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