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When I was a student, I failed in three core subjects.

I was devastated.

What would I tell my parents?

They knew that I was a bright student.

But they did not understand other aspects of the challenging college life.

College life has ups and downs: the abundance of assignments, numerous lectures to attend, coursework to create, case studies to write, presentations to attend to, nagging friends… and little time.

They did not understand that I could spend sleepless nights juggling my revision and assignments just to impress them.

They said that “You are stupid”


Stupid to Successful in College (Academic Essay Writers Helped)

A friend recommended a custom writing website which could help students handle their assignments.

I headed to the website (the writing company no longer exists)

My task was simply to outsource all tiresome assignments to the professional academic writers.

The assignments included:

  • Reading large textbooks and writing book reviews
  • Research proposals and research papers
  • Case studies
  • Custom essays
  • Presentations
  • Dissertations

Suddenly, I had enough time to stop and think.

I am not stupid any longer.

Now, I can concentrate on classwork, attending classes, revising for CATs and final exams.

I am at the top of my class.


What you must know about academic essay writing services

Academic essay writing services help students tackle assignments and get enough time to focus on the right things to do in college.

Although some students use academic essay writers so that they can get time to attend parties and other forms of entertainment, the writing services are legit and reliable.

Outsourcing your writing does not make you look stupid. On the contrary, it makes you smarter since you get the perspectives of expert academic writers. The writers passed through the same education system.

Just imagine for a while if people did everything for themselves. How would the world be?


Academic Essay Writer for hire

When looking for an academic essay writer for hire, here are some of the things that you should consider:

  1. Academic qualifications: The writers should have at least an undergraduate degree if they write for high school students. they should have masters and PhD degrees if they write for college and university students.
  2. Quality of the previous work: The writers should deliver good quality work. You can only know this by evaluating the sample essays written by the writing company.
  3. Reliability of writers: Reliable academic essay writers should always be there when you need them
  4. Trustworthiness: Trusted academic essay writers are honest experts you can trust with your essay. they will beat all the odds and help you.
  5. Promptness: Always look for the fastest essay writers. The main advantage of hiring urgent essay writers is their ability to work within fixed deadlines and deliver good essays. Prompt essay writers will help you.
  6. Attention to detail. Smart academic essay writers can identify mistakes and correct them. They know how to write original essays from scratch.


How much should I pay an academic essay writer to write my essay?

The cost of hiring an expert academic essay writer depends on the urgency of your essay, the writing company the writer works for and the length of the paper.

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Characteristics of the successful academic essay writer

The writer is:

  • attentive to detail
  • a meticulous researcher
  • original essay writer
  • able to avoid plagiarism
  • confident
  • honest
  • able to meet deadlines
  • confidential

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